What's My Favorite Session to Photograph?


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What is my favorite session to photograph?

This one was so hard for me to decide between, so I’m going to talk about both my favorite.

The first is definitely the engagement session! Two people are so giddy in love, and your personalities come out so easy when you don’t have the stress of the wedding day. You’re easier to break out of your shells, and gosh you’re so dang adorable!

Laughter comes effortlessly; probably because–let’s be honest–that first time in front of the camera feels tad awkward. But then it becomes normal as we play, laugh, and talk. Plus the Engagement session is the perfect preparation for the wedding day! You and your fiancé learn what it’s like working with Blythely Photographing in front of the camera. We learn each other’s personalities even more, and it allows me to get to know you on a slightly deeper level. Seeing that story of your love helps me do my job a million times better on the day of your wedding.


Which brings me to my next favorite session to photograph.

There’s so many wonderful parts about the wedding day, but my absolute favorite is theFormal Portrait Session of just the bride and groom. You guys are beautiful. No like stunning. And you’re brimming with a different emotion–Joy. The giddy beginning is still there but it’s transformed into something incredible that’s been tested by a bit of time.

But what I love most?

When it’s a pre-wedding formals session. It’s a couple days (or even weeks) before the wedding day, and we’re photographing at golden hour somewhere in nature that is breathtaking.You take two humans, inexplicably in love; they are glowing with joy; they are stunningly gorgeous (yes I’m talking about you); perfect light, and; no stress of the wedding day? This is literally one of my recipes for heaven. And we all become blown away by the amazing images we capture.

Yep! That’s definitely the one!

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