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To us it’s all about you. We’re here to give you the gift of captured memories in all their beauty. The secret glances, the emotional embraces, the real love, and the real story. More

What can you expect working with Blythely Photographing?

It’s real simple

peace of mind.

Peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to wonder where you should stand or what you should do with your hands.

Peace of mind knowing that your moments and memories are being captured. documented. preserved.

Peace of mind knowing that you have a photographer that cares about what you value, who took the time to get to know you and who and what was important in your life.

Peace of mind knowing that you’re not only going to get images that tell your story, but they’re going to look stunning too.

Peace of mind that you’ll have a photographer who has been in your shoes, and knows what it’s like on a wedding day.

Peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a professional who knows their craft, and has taken the time to master it.

Peace of mind knowing that these memories will be yours for a lifetime, that they don’t have to fade with time.

I just delivered Iva & Josh’s wedding photographs on Monday and Iva shared a big piece of who we are. “I didn’t even notice that you were there!” She talked about how I captured all the important parts, and more, but that I was never stopping the day from progressing naturally. She got to experience her wedding in all of it’s authenticity, and it was documented better than she imagined. That’s our job.

I tell all my couples, I’m not a “You’re booked, see you at the wedding!” kind of photographer. You’ll know who I am, you’ll know that I know how soon your wedding is, you know I’ll be there, you’ll feel comfortable every time we talk, and you’ll know I care about you.


How many photographs will I receive?

First of all, we DON’T limit. We love photographing people, and we give you as many of the best images as humanly possible. For that reason I can’t tell you an actual number, because it varies with every wedding! You’ll get hundreds, don’t worry.

How soon after the wedding will I get my Pictures and my Album?

After your wedding we’ll call you to set up a Premiere of your images! Turn around for our smallest collection is about 7-9 weeks. We are taking careful time to individually edit each and every one of your images. Additionally, your albums are custom designed by us! At your Premiere we’ll fine-tune your album and–provided you approve–that Museum Grade baby will be yours in a week!

Do all your collections come with an Album?

Of Course! We never wanted to photograph a wedding unless you’re getting something real at the end of it. Something that allows you to relive those moments of joy every single day! Something you get to pass down to your kids, and your grandkids. We just made it so it’s included, monuments are important.

How much do you cost?

When you’re shopping around for photographers, price is usually what your searching for. But if that’s all you see, chances are you’ll end up with a photographer that doesn’t know (or care) much about you. Blythely Photographing does not take every inquiry that comes our way, we only work with couples who we can connect to. We want you to have more than “pretty pictures” but we can’t do that if we don’t know your story. Not listing our pricing opens the perfect door for us to get to know so many amazing couples out there! And don’t worry, we give you pricing on the very first phone call!

How much is the deposit?

A nonrefundable reservation fee of 1000 is required at the time of signing the contract to secure your date.

Do you do payment plans?

Yes! After the Reservation fee you can pay however you want, whenever you want, as long as 100% of the balance is paid 30 days before your wedding date!

What if I want 2 photographers?

Absolutely! We have such a stellar team of photographers, and 2nd photographers are included in the majority of our wedding collections.

My wedding isn’t in Boise, do you travel?

YES. Blythely Photographing travels all over the world for weddings! Tell us where you’re getting married and we’ll give you a custom quote!

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Have peace of mind knowing your most
important memories will be captured.

Blythely Photographing is a collaboration of Boise Wedding Photographers who want to tell your story by providing authentic and genuine images. They photograph wedding and engagement sessions in Boise, Idaho and destination weddings all over the world.