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As a Boise wedding photographer, I really am the luckiest. I get to meet so many beautiful people inside and out. Terra is one of those people how is so humble, but I did a little digging to find out her character from friends and family. She’s the kind of person that would rather any money spent on gifts for her bridal shower are unnecessary and should be donated to a charity instead. So many more amazing stories were shared, but I’ve learned from her character, she wouldn’t appreciate the limelight. She radiates kindness, the definition of a Blythe Bride. She is aware of more than what’s on the surface and makes people feel valued. I’m grateful to have met her.

To match her kindness, enter Shane. You don’t need to do more than look at the photographs to see how much he cherishes her. Pay special attention to the way Shane looks at Terra during the ceremony. You can literally feel the passionate and fierce love he has for her.

I’m always grateful I get to be a fly on the wall of a love like theirs.

These next pictures I absolutely love. Terra’s grandfather couldn’t make the trip to Idaho because of his health. She joked with him before the wedding to send a picture of himself in a bowtie and she’d get a cardboard cutout of him to have at her table. Well, he had Terra’s aunt go out and buy him a bowtie. He was so excited and proud and he tried to make sure his lighting and hair was just right for the picture.

I saw the picture and my heart melted! He HAD to be in the wedding. So we created this image for him. Makes my heart happy.

Okay, continuing on to the First Look!

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Venue: Honalee Farms

Everything Else: Friends & Family


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