Behind the Scenes

The Wedding Photo Process


Blythely Photographing

To us it’s all about you. We’re here to give you the gift of captured memories in all their beauty. The secret glances, the emotional embraces, the real love, and the real story. More

Blythely Photographing is not the “hey-you’re-booked/see-you-at-the-wedding” type of photographer. Nuh uh! If you want your story told right, I need to know it 😉

Before your wedding

When you first reach out to us, I call you. We talk anywhere from 30-45 minutes and just get to know each other! We learn about each other values, what you’re looking for, and what you need! We go over basic pricing and decide if we’re a good fit! If all lines up, we schedule a time to meet with you and you’re fiancé.

When we meet I get to know how you two interact just a little bit, and get a feel for the type of photographs and memories you want documented. We go over all the “fine print” (because NO one likes those kind of surprises), and then you get to decide if you’re ready to reserve your date and decide on a collection!

After you’re booked I email you tips and things that will help with you’re wedding planning process, including timeline planning and scheduling tips. We stay in pretty good touch 😉

If your collection includes an engagement session we get to meet up again and play. This one is so and so helpful because we get to practice together! You get to see what it’s like being in front of the camera and I get to see you open up together! It’s one of my favorite things! (you can read more about it in my post about my favorite sessions to photograph).

About 2 weeks before your wedding I’ll call you up and we fine-tune all the details and make sure we are both on the same page so everything flows as stress-free as possible for you on your big day!

During your wedding

The wedding day is exciting! I arrive at the appointed time and immediately start capturing your details and photographing all that I can to tell your story. Sometimes I’m interacting with you, and sometimes I’m like a little worker bee, following you around documenting your wonderful reality of happiness, family, and love. Sometimes you’ll be aware of me, and sometimes you’ll forget I’m even there! I adapt with you, run with you, and make sure you have everything you need!

After the wedding

I love this part too, because I get to relive the day! I go through every single picture I’ve taken (which is a LOT). I cull through and make sure you don’t have duplicates or weird almost-sneezing pictures (okay maybe I leave 1 or 2 of those bahaha), and all the images we want and need to tell your story. I get giddy reliving it all, and my goal here is not to narrow down, but to give you everything you want and need.

Then the editing begins! Each and every individual photograph that I’ve culled is edited just for you! The artistic expression flows as we finish off these pieces of art. After weeks of making sure each picture is just right, it’s time to design your very own museum-grade album. I try so hard to select as many and as few needed to adequately tell your story and fit it all in one book! I over design of course, because I won’t know every picture you do or don’t want so I include more so you and your new husband can decide exactly which details and pictures you want included.

After 8-10+ weeks (depending on how many hours were in your collection), we get together and I show you a preview of your day! I show you your beautiful album and we go through each page while you two fine-tune it. Once that’s done, we go over what size and material you want your album to be! Customizing it till it’s just you.

Then we get to talk about what wall art you want to have to decorate your home. What monuments do you want to remind you of what’s most important and to show you you belong.

When the night’s through your digital online website gallery is waiting for you in your email. You’re album will arrive in 3-5 days and your wall art in 5-7! It’s so quick I love it! It’s almost a bitter sweet moment for me though. You get to relive all that magic–all those memories, but it’s also the last time we spend a lot of time together haha. After this whole process I’ve usually become great friends with the couples I’ve had the honor to photograph. We stay in touch of course haha, but our wedding journey comes to it’s beautiful end. I’m so excited for the next months and years of your life together.

Have peace of mind knowing your most
important memories will be captured.

Blythely Photographing is a collaboration of Boise Wedding Photographers who want to tell your story by providing authentic and genuine images. They photograph wedding and engagement sessions in Boise, Idaho and destination weddings all over the world.