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Raging tempests, high-speed winds, thunder, and lightning. It was known among all Seattleites as the Inaugural Day storm. The storm raged on and in a hospital in King County, the lights went out. Nurses bustled and hospital staff started generators, but the power would be gone for a good three days. Amidst all the chaos and panic, a little girl was born. In search for a name for their seventh child,

the little baby smiled.

As an Anne of Green Gables fan, her mother (also named Ann) knew exactly what to name her. And so Blythe was born.

The etymology is

joyous, kind, cheerful, and pleasant.

It encompasses

kindness, gentleness, friendliness, affection to others, and mercy.

And so I have worked to become all that my name exudes, and to weave it into my photographs. Because as Ninon de L’Enclos once wrote, “That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful”.

I look for brides that radiate this. In a perfect world, all brides would be a blythe bride. Joyous, kind, cheerful, pleasant, gentle, merciful, and affectionate.


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