10 Things Most People Don't Know About Me


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10 things people don’t know about me:

1. I have a degree in Sociology. 

Yep! I think people are fascinating and I love learning about good research and what it teaches us about ourselves. I loved learning how to create my own studies, and wrote my thesis on Attachment Security, family size, and sibling order (and in case you were interested, where you fall in line and how many siblings you have doesn’t affect your attachment security 😉 )

2. I like to eat plant-based when possible (but will never give up cheese).

About a year ago we made the transition for one of my pregnancies and just loved the way we felt (and the weight we lost), so we haven’t really gone back fully. We still eat meat (sparingly), and my favorite food is–and always has been–cheese so…. But we seriously love the improved health we’ve gained!

3. I used to write piano/vocal numbers and published on iTunes for like 5 years.

I used to write a song a week! All my songs were love songs, because I’m just a little obsessed with love 😀 Some were silly and smitten, others were depressing and heartbreaking (they were always the really good ones though hahaha). I recorded them in college and put them up! Doubt you’ll find any of them though (last name was Bailey at the time, in case you have the itch to look).

4. I lived in China.

I deferred a semester so I could travel! (You all know I love to travel). I went to teach English. I also have a humanitarian itch in me, and was so excited to teach impoverished Chinese children English! And then I was assigned to one of the richest schools in China, in Shanghai. I had western toilets, running water, a bed to sleep on, and walked about 10 min to get to school. Probably every one else would have loved it but I struggled with it for a while at first! I was prepped for dirt floors, holes in the floor for toilets, and walking miles to school! Regardless, it was an experience to remember!

5. I don’t understand how to use parking meters.

I’m really not sure what my problem is to be honest. I’m an intelligent human being. But every time I go downtown to park I literally get anxiety trying to figure it out. Maybe it’s because I’m a personal and feel like everyone is staring at me laughing that it’s taking me SO. LONG. to use the thing. And half the time I still do it wrong (I have a parking ticket right now I still need to resolve–plead they’ll reverse it because I’m like 5 when it comes to these things….)

6. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Yep! I’m an active member. Sometimes people instantly have like 10 assumptions about me as soon as they hear that, but you know what they say about those who assume 😉 I’m not afraid of questions, so go ahead and ask away! I’m a Bible-reading, Book of Mormon-studying, Relief Society-serving Christian.

7. I hated my wedding photos.

For a couple of reasons. The first main reason was that I didn’t invest in a good wedding photographer. The talent that comes with an experienced professional that actually CARES (because there are some that don’t), is unparalleled in the result that you like your wedding pictures….and I didn’t have that….Secondly, I was overweight (about 30lb heavier than I am now, so I am kind of partial to my new body haha). That coupled with the fact that I planned it at 19 and had like the worst fashion sense ever, I tried to put way to many competing elements together and it….was interesting….that’s all I’ll say.

8. I am 1 of 10 kids.

Yeah my parents were freaking amazing. My mom brought us all into this world and they somehow managed to keep us all together (and we love to be together). We sing the happy birthday song in 8 part harmony, and are mostly made up of red personalities (few survive us….poor in-laws). We never hold grudges and forgive easily (maybe that’s why we’re all still “together” 😉 ) I’m the 7th child and and am learning a lot! Pictured are my amazingly gorgeous sisters that I absolutely adore. So many amazing and intelligent women!

9. I got married at age 20.

Yeah! I met my husband when I was 19 and we got hitched at 20! Lots of people think that’s totally crazy! But I said it then, I say it now, and I’ll say it forever: love is a choice. You choose you you love, and then you keep. on. choosing. Over and over. Even when you think or feel you deserve more, even when you think or feel they deserve more, even when it’s freaking hard, even if you think there might be something better. You make a choice every day and then you get over yourself and serve, and then you’re always grateful, and always growing.

10. Fantastic beasts is my favorite movie.

Um yes. I love this movie so much. I don’t know what about it exactly, but Eddie Redmayne is SUCH a good actor! Maybe it’s the way he sees the beauty and value in something others aren’t willing to understand; or the desire to fight for something that’s right, even if it’s not popular; or the power that can come from charity, kindness, and love, or the ugly reality of what can come from condescension, fear, hate, and deceit. Yeah it’s probably one of those. (I also really loved the second one).

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